Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dancin' Fools

Lauren started dance class a couple weeks ago. She was so excited as we were getting her dressed that first night. White tights, her new leotard, her special dance shoes (that are a total rip-off), her hair pulled up. When she walked down the stairs to go, she said "Hey, Grant! Look at me! I'm FANCY!" So stinkin' cute!

I had really hoped to post video of her first dance class - but no parents allowed! (darn). I did sneak outside of the classroom to listen the first night and this is what I heard:

Teacher: "No, Lauren - you have to aren't the leader tonight."

Lauren: "I'm not the leader?!"

ha! rude awakening for Lauren!

And then there's Grant. He loves rockin' out to the Backyardigan's theme song. Here are his baby white boy moves:

And finally, Bailey. She's heavy into show choir choreography and dancin' everywhere she goes. So see? A house full of dancin' fools. =-)

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