Monday, September 08, 2008

Mark took Friday off since he had to travel on Labor Day, so we spent the day enjoying the kids, cleaning the house and "dealin'" some more with the developer on a house. Saturday we cleaned some more, Mark & Bailey went shopping to spend Bailey's birthday money at the mall, and the little ones and I hung out with Grandma while a family looked through our house to see if they wanted to buy it (no luck).

Of course a couple hours before we were to show the house, Grant had THE WORST poopy diaper of his much for that homey apple-cinnamon scent I was going for. Nothing inspires home-buying like the scent of a freshly soiled diaper. (sigh).

Sunday was Lauren's first day of Sunday School and Mark & I had nursery duty. Lauren is currently "reading" her little packet of Bible verses (interesting take she has on it!) Overheard while she was reading:

"Doors are wise too, but PRESENTS are marvelous."

"Jesus is not kinda away."

"Scientists are really strong." (MARK!!!!)

"God lives up in heaven."

It is rainy and cold here this morning...and the little kids have only a couple pair of pants/long-sleeve shirts that fit from last year. Guess I need to pick up a few things today. I'm thinking of hitting The Children's Place (received a $10 coupon in the mail) and probably Old Navy...although is it just me or are their deals not as good as they used to be?

Tonight is Lauren's first "Tumbling Tots" class - a mix of gymnastics and dance. I can't wait...and neither can she! You can bank on photos/video tomorrow!

Ok - more cleaning.

The Mom of 'Em

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Mary Ann said...

I think you are right about the Old Navy least the ones in Des Moines! I hate the one at Merle Hay now! the MOA a couple months ago, they had 50% off of their clearance prices, so I scored their adorable dresses for Maggie (for next year) for like under 3.00, plus a bunch of other things. But...yeah. I totally know what you are saying.