Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big News of the Week!

Bailey learned she was assigned the solo in the opening number for show choir! Yeah, Bailey! We are so happy for you!! Your hard work really paid off and we can't wait to see the first competition!

Mark brought her home a single red rose last night. I let her know that later in life, when choosing a husband.....she should expect nothing less. =-)

Now...let the middle school girl drama commence. ugh - aren't middle school girls so mean? I'm praying she doesn't experience anything over this - but given the girl drama so far this year....I'm thinking she won't escape it. I've told her next year will be better...H.S. IS better than middle school when it comes to mean stuff. Here's praying anyway!

On the house front...I visited the hardwood flooring store yesterday and narrowed it down to Birch or Red Oak. So terrified of making the wrong choice! Such a big expense...and permanent! Aaagh!

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M.A. said...

That is so sweet about the rose. I love it!

Yay Bailey!!!