Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Boy "Dinasurrr" Room

A couple months ago I learned about Ana. Ana is going to change our home! She is an amazing lady in Alaska who takes popular, EXPENSIVE furniture found in popular and EXPENSIVE stores and develops simple and bank account-friendly plans so you...yes YOU, can build them. I fell instantly in love with her, her blog and her plans! I immediately showed Mark the site...and my long...LONG list of projects I hoped we could complete. And guess what? He was immediately on-board!

Our first project was a big boy bed (aka: twin bed) for Grant. It was something we NEEDED...and we liked the idea of putting our own sweat and near-tears into it. For this first assignment, Mark was the builder and I was the finisher. This worked out well. Mark's attention to detail sometimes drives me nuts because I'm a dive-in head-first sorta person and he's a planner...and a researcher....and likes to practice and study and have the entire process thought out in advance. SO NOT ME! But because he's Mr. Analytical, this bed ROCKS! Way to go, honey!

This bed is a "knock-off" of a Land of Nod bed from their Simple Collection. Their bed retails for around $700. Ours was made for about $100 plus paint...paint that I'll be able to use for the next several projects!

I'm going to post more about the process of making the bed later....because I really want this to be about Grant's room...his excitement over the big reveal, etc. So here it pictures. Please note a couple things first though:
1. I didn't realize he would be coming up the stairs with ketchup all over his face...and I didn't want to ruin the moment by interrupting to clean him his joy comes with condiment.

2. The curtains didn't photograph well. They do NOT look sage green in real life. They are bright....almost exactly the color of the walls. I plan to add a little something to them later on because it's a little too monochromatic for me right now.

3. I am NOT done in here. I have a few more additions planned for his room - stay tuned!

Night-Night Big Boy!

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Tiffany said...

So cute! So what if my hubby is the complete opposite of Mr Handy? Perhaps we should switch roles, I'll do the building, he'll do the painting? Definitely going to check out the site!