Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dollar Tree Decor

How big of a nerd am I if I say I've found the BEST Dollar Tree ever? I know, I know...total lame-o. But seriously! Here are a few decor projects I created this week with Dollar Tree finds and things I had on-hand. Small black frames - $1 each. Cute little ceramic bird to welcome SPRING - $1. I had the candle holder and the Willow Tree figurine and used scrapbook paper and my Cricut to make the letters/background. Total cost: $4

Hellllllo there cute little birdie! Seeing you makes me think Spring - and I love you for that! Isn't she cute? ONE-DOLLAR! See her cute little nest? Moss....one dollar. See the pillar she's perched upon? Goodwill...$3 (darn...Dollar Tree didn't have any....THIS time).


jodi said...

i LOVE what you did with those frames! i would have never thought of that!

The Mom of 'em said...

I always post that I stole an idea when I steal (which is every time) but I don't know why I didn't this time! I will find the blog I borrowed from and give credit where due...I can't come up w/this stuff on my own, jodi! :)