Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I don't always have time to gather my thoughts in a coherent manner and transfer them to my blog....yet I desire to post! So, I've decided on some of the days where I just can't get my own life together enough to post about it, I'll just let you know what blogs I'm reading (because I have an addiction to blogs and Google Reader is my enabler).

So, without further ado, here are blogs I've added to my collection recently:


Knock-Off Wood (Found this awhile ago...but we're a little slow-moving on our first project...but many, many, MANY more in our future!)

FreebiesForMom (LOVE THIS! I receive at least 3-4 samples in the mail each week...and some are pretty darn valuable!)


Please note...although I LOVE these blogs, most of them serve to make me feel inadequate, lazy, un-crafty and overall pathetic. However, on rare occasion, they motivate me - and that's why I continue. =-)

Stay tuned later this week - I actually DO have exciting stuff to post about, including meeting my new nephew for the first time! He is beautiful and perfect in every way! (kinda like his big brother, Wyatt). Pictures coming soon!!!

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