Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's been far too long since I've given you an episode of "Look at all of the weird stuff you can buy on Craigslist this week!" Here they are...things I found today on my local Craigslist. Swear.

"Happy Holiday Reindeer" - $100 (as-if!)
aka...Rudolph's albino brother, Whitey

"Raccoon Tea Set - $10" (ooo...I've just gotta see this!)
Yup...that's kinda what I thought.
And if that just isn't enough raccoon for ya, how about this to go with your new tea set?

"Raccoon Picture - $10"
What sort of Creepy McCreeps-a-lot owns these things? (sorry..I shouldn't judge. Sorry I called you creepy. It's not YOU...it's your crazy nocturnal mammal-lovin' home decor choices)

"Lil Minx Dance Pole - $200"
(no photo - thank goodness!)

Yup...a stripper pole! (i had to Google it). What the heck! Apparently she's selling it because she's "moving out of state." But she's so generous...she has outfits and shoes too if you're interested. Yikes! Now I'm wondering if the raccoon stuff is hers too. Wouldn't that be an interesting trailer? A stripper pole and a framed raccoon on the wall. yee-haw!

"Deer Antler Skull Rack - $50"

Oh no! Did the Raccoons get to Whitey?!

"Dragon Table Lighter - $45"

I have no idea what this is...nor do I understand how it is both electric and gas...but whatever...it's weird.

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