Tuesday, August 17, 2010


August 17th sounds EARLY, doesn't it? I mean...WHERE did summer go?! But ready or not...today was the day for Lauren. She started "Optional Kindergarten." This is a program designed for kids who might be OLD enough to start Kindergarten but maybe they have late summer birthdays (Lauren's case), or maybe they need a little more social/emotional development time (Lauren's case on the emotional front). We struggled with this decision for MONTHS! It's a hard decision when you have a 4-yr-old who reads, yet has a meltdown over something ridiculous. Ultimately we decided it would be best for her to wait, understanding that if we feel we've made the wrong choice, we can always move her to Kindergarten at semester.

Last year Lauren attended preschool three days a week. This is a step-up from that stamina-wise. This program is every day, half-days. So although this wasn't her FIRST first day of "school," it was still a first.....a first day at a new school, a first day with a new teacher, a first day of a new class.

Leading up to today, I'd say Lauren was pretty excited and unapprehensive about school. (She's not afraid of much..and LOVES school and social opportunities). HOWEVER, Grant decided last night would be a wonderful time to sneek into Lauren's room and sleep with her. BAD IDEA! The result was one tired and MOODY girl this morning. She was still excited though...so after the required pictures, we set out.

Grant wanted to go to school in the WORST way! "Don't leave me, Lauren!"

Lauren READING on the way to school...sharpening up her skills before school. ha.

Daddy's girl

Apprehension sets in

But with a kiss from Daddy, it's going to be alright.

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