Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...And Later That Day

Lauren made it safely home from her first day of Pre-K, we enjoyed lunch together, read a couple library books and headed upstairs for nap. I was SURE both kids would settle in for naps today without any problems because they were both exhausted. So I tucked them in, shut their doors and quietly started gathering up a load of laundry to start before heading back downstairs. Just as I was measuring the detergent I heard Grant out of bed (eye roll). I opened his door, gave him the Mommy stink eye and told him to get back in bed...NOW! He bolted back into bed and jumped into the air to dive-bomb onto his pillow....

he missed. :(

I took this picture when we arrived at the Urgent Care Clinic. The swelling/fluid had already gone down quite a bit in the first half hour. I soooo wish I had taken a picture before we left home, but I was too busy FREAKING OUT internally while trying to maintain an external calm. It was HUGE! INSTANTANEOUSLY HUGE! I bet that sucker stuck out 2-3 inches from his forehead and was at least that tall and wide too. It was scary looking! He screamed and cried for about 2 minutes. After that he was just sweet and kept saying "I need a Band-Aid!" Sweet boy!

He hit with such force I decided I wanted to take him in to be sure he didn't have a concussion. His neurological exam found him to be A-OK...but I still worried because he could NOT stay awake! And if you know Grant...you know this is NOT him! He was out before I left the parking lot and stayed asleep while I carried him through the grocery store, shifting him from shoulder to shoulder. But when he finally woke up an hour later, he was back to our normal, rambunctious Grant. SHWEW! The Dr. said he might end up with a black eye because all of that blood/swelling had to go somewhere. So far no black eye...we'll see what tomorrow brings. The Dr. also noted that Grant was in a year or so ago for stitches. (eye roll again!). He wasn't accusing me of anything, but just in case I thought I should mention that I have two girls at home who have never been to Urgent Care. =-) That boy is aging me!

All in all, he was one lucky boy. Now hopefully he learned a lesson! Beds are for SLEEPING! If I put you in there....SLEEP! =-)

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor baby, It looks horrible.
Love the blog I am glad you put the link on your facebook.