Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to my FIVE-YEAR-OLD!!!

My second-born, my tender-hearted, sensitive, funny, social, intelligent, charismatic, independent-thinker, music-loving, good-time-loving, drama-queen sweetheart is FIVE today! F-I-V-E! I just can't believe it! I love this little girl. She does everything big. When she's happy...she's HAPPY! When she's sad, she's SAD! When she's mad...LOOK OUT! When she's excited...she's EXCITED! You get the picture here. But that's who she is...and it is what makes her so wonderful (and challenging).

Five years ago tonight, after laboring all the ding-dong day and into the night, she was born via c-section. She even arrived on this earth in a BIG and DRAMATIC way (go figure). My first thought when I saw her was - She looks JUST like Mark's baby picture! And she still looks like her Daddy! I also remember how her first cries sounded exactly like a bleating baby lamb. Her Dad actually used to call her Lambie-Pie (and Knuckles...because before she found her thumb she used to suck her knuckles - ha).

She was born Labor Day weekend 2005. It was Hurrican Katrina week and the news was more than depressing for anyone, let alone a post-pardem viewer. I remember looking at her sweet, innocent newborn face and wondering what kind of world I had brought her into. Images of Americans covered in sheets or clothing - left dead on the side of a flooded street. Images of dehydrated babies, mothers begging for someone - anyone to help. An entire city in THIS COUNTRY abandoned..or so it seemed. It was a scary time to be holding a newborn.

I remember gas prices were over $3/gallon on the way home from the hospital (is my memory right?!). It was the beginning of a long list of uncertainties to come.
But now that she's five, and I have a better glimpse of the person she is becoming, I can say that this troubled world needs her! She is just the compassionate firecracker that may one day solve a big problem! She's the loving intelligent faith-filled girl that may one day comfort someone in need. She's the happy fun-lover that may turn someone's day around.
So although I may still be concerned for our world, I don't question bringing my girl into it. She's exactly what this world needs. My prayer is that she continues to be such a bright and shining star in this often dark and depressing time and that she never lose that spirit because I know with certainty...she will make a positive difference. Our little "Lambie-Pie" may be the girl to show others to the lamb of God!

I love you so much, pumpkin! Happy, Happy Birthday, big girl! I'm so blessed to be your Mommy!

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