Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Today is your 3rd birthday! How can it be that you've gone and grown into a big boy in such a short time? I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. We knew exactly when you were coming - (scheduled c-section). You didn't surprise us...and you are still sort of predictable like a good way.

I always know that you'll try to sneak out of bed during naptime. I know with certainty that if there is a surface to climb, you will...and then jump from it. I know for sure that you'll try to make your sister laugh with some sort of potty humor - even funnier for you if you attempt this at the dinner table. (this is NOT funny, Grant, nor is it polite). I can always expect you to ask for a snack 10 minutes after you've eaten a meal. I know for sure that no matter how bad my day is going, you can always remind me what an awesomely-blessed Mommy I am with your sweet smile, and snuggly hugs. I know if the subject of eye color comes up, you'll look at me, tell me we both have blue eyes...then you'll pause and say "TWINS!" I know you won't sleep past 7:30 matter what I try. I know you are incapable of walking. It's RUN or nothing with you. I know that no matter how awful-naughty you are being, I will forgive you...and fairly quickly.

You are predictable in all these ways...but what I was NOT able to predict is just how much one little boy could capture my heart the way you have. I am so happy to have YOU, Grant, as my son. And I'm so very happy to watch you grow into such a sweet little boy.

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