Monday, September 13, 2010

Trains, Tattoos, Apples, Tea Parties and Spray Paint

That pretty much summarizes the weekend. Grant went w/his Dad to Toys 'R Us on Saturday for a Thomas the Tank Engine play date. He came home will all sorts of goodies, including this visor and tattoos. Mark put on his tattoos. I think I might have gone for the bicep tattoo...but whatever. boy's day out...I didn't intervene.

Later on Saturday I took both little kids to the Master Gardener's Demo Garden to pick apples...FREE APPLES! The kids had fun helping to find good-looking apples and running in and around the trees. They also had fun trying to climb the sturdier branches. We came home with an entire beach bag FULL of apples. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make applesauce without the use of special equipment (I don't have anything special).

Lauren and I hit a few garage sales Saturday too (while the boys were having their fun). No super-great finds, but I DID find this wooden shelf/peg-hook thingy in a boring peachy-tan color for $3. I would have preferred $1....but I don't have bargaining I paid $3. I spray-painted it black and hung it over our entryway bench/cubby thingy. I still need to decorate forgive the lack of cuteness on the shelf for now.

Side note: Bailey was invited to both the apple-picking and the garage-saling. Apparently a teen prefers sleep.
After a fun weekend, it was back to the routine for everyone this morning. Lauren and Bailey off to school, Mark off to work and Grant and I were and playing and cleaning. Lauren comes home just before lunch and they are always so excited to see each other. They immediately set out with a plan to have a tea party. (nothing political about that, by the way).

It looked like great fun...too bad it lasted all of 2 minutes before they were on to something else.

And now they are SCREAMING at each other because Lauren "ALWAYS wanted to be on a top bunk and it's NO FAIR that Grant ALWAYS gets to be on the top shelf." Good grief. Good thing they sometimes get along and are so sweet-looking when they do!

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