Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's no surprise to people that really know me that I'm pretty much a "home-body." A home-body with social tendencies, that is. Autumn and winter accentuates this in me. The air turns crisp and cool and a spark is lit within me. All of a sudden I am eager to bake, decorate the house, start crafty projects....pretty much NEST until Spring.

Although I haven't actually baked anything yet (sorry, honey), I have started collecting recipes I'm eager to try. I HAVE started a couple craft projects I'm excited about though. I've totally ripped them off from REAL crafty people - but still...there's some challenge in replicating.

My first project is a Family Rules sign. Have you seen these? They are all over the crafty people blogs. I have an old hunter green wooden calendar holder that didn't sell in my garage sale...and now I'm so glad! I just spray-painted it black and it's drying outside as I type. Hopefully our sign will be done by the end of the week. I'm not sure what our rules are going to be yet...I'll probably be stealing those from someone craftier too. I'm shameless that way.

The second project is another popular one on the craft blogs. It's Subway Art - Halloween-style. For this I picked a piece of scrap plywood from my husband's growing collection of all things woodworking. I sprayed on a coat of primer this morning and as soon as that dries I'll be spraying it black too.
Thirdly, I suppose it is time to take down my beloved flower on the door. (those spots are magnets...wish there was another way of keeping it ON the door and not blowing around scratching the door...but there isn't.) I need to figure out what sort of wreath or door decor I should do for Fall. I am too cheap to buy a nice fall wreath, so I'm either going to have to make one, score one at Goodwill or deal with a bare door. Stay-tuned.

It's still too early for pumpkins and ghourds...but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE decorating the house and front porch for fall!!! I DID buy mums at Costco last weekend. HUGE mums...$14.99. I have one on each side of the front steps on the porch. I chose "Bedazzled Bronze" - we'll see how it looks when it blooms. These bad boys are LOADED w/blooms. Yay! Man I love Costco mums! A bit of useless trivia. I learned that my Costco holds the Costco-title of most Mums sold in the nation. You're welcome, Costco.Ok...enough blogging...time to get my Fall on!

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