Sunday, September 19, 2010

No School and a Trip to the Zoo

Lauren had a no-school day earlier this week, so we took full advantage of the perfect Fall weather and our free pass she earned from the library this summer and headed to the zoo!

Our zoo is small...dinky, really...but perfect for preschoolers. Just enough wild animals to keep their interest. And best of can be done with it all in 3 hours or less. They LOVED the parakeet feeding exhibit and the giraffes! Luckily they came out unscathed from the x-rated giant tortoises (ick). I guess I'd never thought of HOW the giant tortoise breeding process worked...and I can honestly say I'd love to never think of it again. So. Gross.

Here are a few pics from our no-school day adventure:

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Anonymous said...

the gofer is awesome. I miss spending the day at the zoo... well a real zoo, not the one I live