Thursday, September 09, 2010

Today is school picture day for my pre-K girl. We laid out her outfit last night and talked about smiling pretty (not fake). This morning she was slooooooow-moving! Finally she got dressed. I sent her upstairs to brush her teeth (why didn't I do this BEFORE she put her clothes on?!). She came downstairs not only with a big glop of toothpaste on her shirt, but she smelled to high-heaven of my perfume (and not the better smelling one). After scolding her for not asking permission to touch my things, she told me she wanted to be "fancy" for school pictures. God bless teachers!
So I'm hoping she ends up with her hair fairly in-place, that the water I used to scrub off the toothpaste dries before her picture and doesn't show the toothpaste, and that we don't end up school pictures fit for Ellen's bad school photo segment.

My 2-yr-old started his "school" today too, so the morning was a bit chaotic. It's a twice-a-week playschool and we love it. The challenge is going to be getting Lauren home from her school and racing over to G's school which lets out 15 minutes later. We WILL be doubts.

So, here I am this kids for 2 1/2 hours! You'd think I'd be doing something amazing with that time, but I'll be delivering Bailey's cookie dough orders because a) she's too busy; and b) she can't drive. Joy, joy.

Since I hate a post without a's one for you. It's my new window covering in the kitchen over the sink. For over 2 years I've had just a valance over this window and every afternoon when the sun is in the West, it BLAZES through this window, blinding me and heating up that end of the house. FINALLY I took action and we bought a simple bamboo shade last weekend. It's's simple...but I love it. And finally no blinding sun when I'm trying to cook dinner!

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Anonymous said...

cute kitchen. Gotta love the morning issues. SO glad I am ALMOST done with that, but hey... at least there is a story to go with the haunting picture I am sure is to follow... make sure you share it I am dying to see.