Saturday, September 11, 2010

What we're doing today:
* There's a free event at Toys 'R Us today for all of your Thomas-lovers. Rumor has it there will be stories, coloring and possibly giveaways. Just the boys are going today...a special "big guy" day. This is in preparation for our big weekend NEXT weekend where we're surprising Grant with THIS!
* Apparently there is some sort of big game going on today...vs.
but I went who cares.
If I had to choose though....Gooooo school w/lowest tuition that my daughter may attend one day!
* I am determined to finish ( least start) that Family Rules sign I mentioned here.
* Lauren and I might hit a couple garage sales (time is running out on these!)
* More weeding/fall garden/yard prep
* Dust (the ONLY disadvantage of having the windows open all week)
* and I want to watch "The Backup Plan." Last night we watched "Date Night" - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Hilarious! Tina Fey and Steve Carrell do NOT disappoint!
Have a great weekend everyone! (I love how I say "everyone" even though I know I only have about 2 people reading this - ha!)

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