Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Today was a baaaaaad morning! Grant awoke way too early, followed by Lauren crying and whimpering in her bed. I put Grant down, climbed back up the stairs to comfort Lauren and get her ready for her day. When I opened her bedroom door I was HORRIFIED to find her diaperless in her Blues Clues nightgown, covered in feces....dried caked-on stuff that she'd obviously had on her for hours. At least she was upset by this. I think she must have removed the diaper before falling asleep last night and later in the can imagine. The scene of it all, combined with the stench had me instantly gagging. Where do you even begin with such a mess?! First, the hands...and then a very warm and VERY soapy bath...which had to be drained after the initial scrub down to drain out the stuff...then a refill of the tub for a longer soak and another scrub.

Luckily while I was bathing Lauren, Mark jumped in wearing rubber gloves and breathing through his mouth. He threw everything - throw pillows, blanket, crib sheet, mattress pad - everything in a plastic bag. I didn't have time to sanitize everything immediately because we had to be at the Dr. for flu shots in 30 minutes from this dreadful occurrence. (SIGH!)

I will say that there were no tears at the Dr., despite the was a quick in and out experience - shwew. I avoided the situation for another hour killing time at Kohl's. But then we were back home, Grant was fed, changed, back asleep...and it was I grabbed the bleach spray cleaner and scrubbed the crib rails and everything near the crib. I still have to tackle that laundry - DREADING IT! I'm thinking boiling hot water, lots of soap and a LONG SOAK before continuing the wash cycle.

The thing matter how clean I get it all...that smell is just stuck in my brain. Like I said...NOT a good morning.

Tomorrow? We're buying the darn Dora underpants....and we're preparing for potty training boot camp. I can only handle one kid pooping everywhere at a time.

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Andrea said...

Wow, sorry to hear about your morning! We are in the midst of potty training, too! No pooping in the potty, but she seems to get it otherwise. I like the tighty-whitey training pants, too- Alittle bit more protection from it leaking everywhere! Good luck.