Monday, October 22, 2007

What a big day we had yesterday! Not only did we get everyone packed and ready for 9:30 church, but then we rushed home, changed clothes, grabbed a quick snack and loaded back up in the van and headed to the pumpkin patch! What a great day of fun - but EXHAUSTING! (started out in that state by the way). Lauren had an absolutely wonderful time, depsite it cutting into her nap big-time. Even Bailey enjoyed herself - I think Lauren gives her an excuse to enjoy the things that she'd otherwise be too old and too cool to enjoy. And Grant? He napped almost the entire time - SHWEW! It was a beautiful day weather-wise and a beautiful day family-wise. These are the things I hope the kids remember someday - not the things - but the moments like this one. A really good day. TONS of pictures from our outing:

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