Friday, October 05, 2007

We are taking Grant to the Dr. again today for a re-check on his Billirubin levels. I think he looks less yellow in his eyes and skin tone - but we'll find out later today. He's eating more, sleeping well but spending a little more time awake. Lauren has taken to letting me know every time he cries or loses his pacifier (any idea how often this happens? That is A LOT of Uh-oh - baby Grant! that I hear during the day - ha).
Tomorrow my Dad arrives for a brief weekend visit - we are looking forward to introducing him to his newest grandson. Bailey will be attending a boy/girl birthday party tonight (aaagh!) - they are taking a limo to a fancy restaurant and then just hanging out. who does this?! Hopefully Bailey will still appreciate her homemade cakes and no-frills parties.
Grandma & Grandpa brought lunch for us yesterday and took in some baby time - thank you!!

Oh - and a big good luck/knock-em dead to Aunt Jami today!

Here are more pictures of what our happiness looks like:

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