Friday, May 23, 2008

Blogging about Bailey....

Just in case there is someone out there (besides me) that is keeping track of my blog posts - making sure I'm posting equally about all three of the kids....let me tell you why I come up short on posts about Bailey. SHE HATES IT! See? Just typing that much is going to make her mad if she reads this. Sure, she likes that I'm proud of her and everything...but heaven forbid if I post the wrong picture. Like this:

or this:

or this:

Would it be too much to ask to - you know - SMILE for a picture? What's with EVERY picture being a goofy face? Or the faux gangsta look? (LOL - that'll send her through the roof too....her Mom just said "gangsta" totally embarrassing! ) And the self-portraits? I've seen tons of her friends doing that too - no idea why. I guess she should enjoy it now...because when she's older....she'll hate pics of herself. (unless miraculously she escapes that normal woman-behavior).
Anyway - just wanted to post that I love Bailey just as much as the other two is just hard to post without embarrassing her. She'll be 13 this summer (WHAT?! A TEEN?#$!~) So embrace it, I say! =-)

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Faerie Mom said...

Teenagers are sooooooo much fun! Tell her to start her ownb blog and then she can embarass you as well! LOL