Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wow - I've been MIA on the blog-front lately! So much going on! Here's the recap:

Last Sunday: Grandpa's birthday! Oh how my kids love Grandpa! My Mom is in Kentucky watching Wyatt while my brother and his wife are in San Diego, so Grandpa celebrated his birthday with us! Look what my Mom got him!

Mark set it up for him Sunday night and we all had a BLAST playing with it. By Monday morning I had sore muscles from fake tennis. How sad is that? Lauren loves her Grandpa - but she thinks all birthdays are HER birthdays...look how tempted she is here:

Here's a shot of all the kids with their Grandpa:

Monday I went to the dreaded Wally World for groceries and we had Financial Peace University in the evening. This week's lesson was about how to find a bargain (of all the things Dave Ramsey teaches - this is NOT an area where he can teach me something new - ha).

Tuesday we played outside a lot - GORGEOUS day! Bailey had a track meet and we had a home improvement guy come to look a few things over and give us estimates. Big on the list is a front porch area. Our front steps are pulling away and it just needs fixed. Our home is a 1950-something (I think) very FLAT FRONT home...and it desperately needs some dimension. SO....since the front steps need to be replaced is my vision:

And here's what it currently looks like:

Obviously we aren't going to have such a fancy door and probably not as many beautiful details - but the first picture is the IDEAL...and then we go from there. We don't have an estimate yet...but I'm guessing it'll be a lot higher than I imagine it should be. Hopefully it comes in affordable though so I can say - BEGONE UGLY AWNING! Hello beautiful porch entry! (note: please notice the tulips on the right - beauitful in-person...and purchased VERY inexpensively at Aldi last year....yeah, Aldi!)

I also made a quick run to the mall/Target for another tower fan because I REFUSE to turn the air on in least in early May. =-) Anyway - The Children's Place is just steps from Target...and they had a killer sale online (only 6-9 months sizes left) - so I thought I'd see if the actual store was having a good sale too. Well....not really..but I was able to score these cute shoes for only $6.50! You can't really tell from the picture - but they are very sparkly! I got these for Grant at Target - but they were actually clearance in the cute with an orange tee today!

And then here we are at Wednesday. Sigh. Today I don't have any really big plans - more playing outside...more laundry..yada yada yada. However - With all the nice has me thinking about summer...and how I'm going to have to find a non-maternity swimsuit (EEEEEEEEEEEK!). I hate that...but the kids should be able to go to the Mom has to suck it up (and in - big time) and wear a suit. So I'll be hunting online for options today - will post a few and hope you all weigh in on the best one for me. (yeah - I'm talking to you two people that read).

Have a great day - go enjoy the Spring weather!!

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Faerie Mom said...

Wow, a busy week! Grandpa looks like he had a great birthday. I sooooo want a wii. Maybe one day... I love Dave Ramsey. You are lucky to get to do his course! I would love that.

I hate bathing suits since I had the last 2 kids. I still wear one of my maternity suits that looks ok. Because I refuse to buy a new one until I lose some more weight. Can't wait to see what you find!