Monday, May 12, 2008

Toto.....We Aren't In Mother's Day Anymore

So yesterday was the perfect Mother's Day. Loved it! But this morning Grant had a fussy night - was up a lot (I let him cry awhile and he fell asleep again every time), I was cold, Lauren was up before 6 a.m. and had her first time-out by 6:23 a.m.

But enough about that....let's talk about my WONDERFUL day yesterday!

I woke to a freshly poured cup of coffee - one sweet & low and creamer...just the way I like it and a slice of wonderful cinnamon/buttery goodness coffee cake. Then the kids and Mark brought in the homemade cards (love that!)
and GIFTS! (Hey - I just wanted everyone to be nice to me on Mother's Day...but gifts are fine too). There are only 2 cards...because Bailey wasn't finished yet - still isn't. Read: hasn't started. Oh well - her mood was pleasant all day...what more could I ask for?!

Here's what I got! A portable speaker system thingy for my iPod! Now I can take it outside with me while I'm planting flowers, watching the kids, grilling - whatever! Love it! I also got a cotton nightshirt (very cute) and a gift card for more shopping. (I love that Mother's Day is BEFORE Father's Day, don't you?)

Then we got ready for church. I took Lauren to Grandma's house instead of the nursery so they could have some fun together. Mark & I led the songs for the 9:30 worship service and then Mark had to stay to play at the 10:30 service too. So after the first service the kids and I headed over to my Mom's to give her a Mother's Day present and to spend some time w/her. (hanging double impatiens basket was her gift). I THINK I got a picture of the kids with me (probably not though - when do we EVER get a picture with our kids...not even on Mother's Day!). I DID get a picture with my mom...but it is on her we'll have to wait til she emails them to me.

After Grandma time we headed back home. This is where Mark grilled cheeseburgers for lunch (I didn't cook the night before either - so now this is THREE meals where I didn't have to all. LOVE THAT!).
After lunch the kids took a nap (and so did I! Woo-hoo!) See how this is framing up to be THE PERFECT Mother's Day?! After nap, I headed outside to finish planting flowers.
When Lauren woke up she "helped" me plant something in the back flower bed. She was amazed at all of the "beautiful yellow flowers!" (umm...yeah...need to weed out there...darn dandelions). I'm really excited about my flower beds this year. Finally - the teeny little perennials I bought three years ago are taking off. You can see I didn't plan out the placement of things too well - but oh well - green and blooming and GORGEOUS! This is the south bed...I have several others but I'll show those to you another day.

Still full from lunch, Mark started making dinner. (Not lifting a finger count: FOUR MEALS!) Dinner that consisted of completely unhealthy but DEEEEEE-Licious high-carb wonderfulness. Here's the recipes and the pics. First - Creamy Biscuit Chicken Second pic - Cheesy Potato Casserole (the way to my heart)

I didn't do laundry. I didn't cook. I didn't change many diapers. Instead I opened gifts, received hugs and kisses and heart-warming cards, took a nap, ate wonderful meals and loved life.

Thank you, Mark! Thank you, kids!

Mother's Day 2009 Countdown? 364 days.


Jessica said...

Wow! That day totally rocks! Lucky YOu!

Faerie Mom said...

Happy belated Mom's Day! You had a rockin' day! Good.... you deserved it!