Monday, May 19, 2008

The Case for Blogging Daily

I should blog EVERY day...because when I wait a few days - entirely too much content and it overwhelms me. I'll post pictures - they tell a better story anyway. Here's the weekend recap:

Friday night we received a last-minute invitation to grill out with acquaintances. Not caring we wouldn't know anyone else there - we went...because it was a beautiful night and because I needed to get out of the house and because I didn't want to cook. The kids had fun - Bailey found a group of girls to pal around with, Lauren found made an instant friend ("He's my BEST Friend")

and Grant just smiled in the stroller - til he was tired and then he just closed his eyes (have I mentioned how I LOVE this boy?!) They started a fire in the fire pit - Lauren kept trying to get a little too close for my comfort

and then we left to take Bailey to a sleepover. (I swear - hardly ever see her anymore - sniff, sniff). Then once the kids were in bed, Mark & I watched this movie. Good...but scary. A little to Saw-like in parts for me.

Saturday was a day filled with running errands, a few dumb garage sales (someone had a really worn out Casey's travel mug marked $2 - whatever), playing outside and enjoying the nice weather. Bailey babysat Saturday night. (Maybe I should rent her room out).

Sunday was amazing. PERFECT weather! We were church-skippers but really enjoyed relaxing and spending time together as a family. We sipped coffee, read the paper - a nice time.

But the relaxing ended by 10 a.m. when we decided to tackle some yard work. Lauren was a big helper! She really loves "helping."

We've had a flower bed in the back yard since we moved had perennials in it and a little picket fence/chicken wire around it. It has been completely neglected for over 3 years. Yesterday I tackled it. Mark took the fence/chicken wire down so we can now actually SEE what's in there (thanks, honey!). Unfortunately, now that I could see what was in there - wasn't a pretty sight. Dandelions, Creeping Charlie and the Brown-eyed Susans had taken over the bed. So....lots of weed pulling and now it is all cleaned up (I'll take a picture once I move a couple plants around)....but here is the before: (nightmare!) I can't wait to show you how empty it is now that there are no weeds in there! I also moved the gazing ball - looks so much better in its new home. =-)

My parents stopped over to bring me some Lily bulbs they had for me - so I planted them and then we grilled out with them. They had fun enjoying the kids - and Grandma brought an AWESOME bubble machine.

8 hours later on Sunday we called it quits in the yard. Today - SORE! Sad to be old and out of shape - hate that. But that kind of work is so're exhausted in the end - but you can SEE the fruits of your labor.
Ok - now we're off to the races on Monday - estimates for windows, siding repair, deck, front porch.....just the things we think might make the home more attractive when we decide to try to sell it again.

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Love the pic of Grant when he sees the bubble!