Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last night was Bailey's final 7th grade chorus concert. Her teacher asked if I would help out before-hand to corral the kids, etc. I hate that job! Basically I just hung out with a couple other parents and tried to make sure they all sat in their seats. The could talk - but they were supposed to stay sitting in their rows as if they were on the risers. Well....they are 7th graders...and they are incapable of sitting still apparently. There was lots of texting (you know - to the person right across the table from you) and picture-taking on the phones...there was a lot of dancing (not part of the concert), a lot of hair flipping, a lot of group bathroom trips and a lot of interesting outfits. I guess this is the age where you figure out your style. Some kids have a lot of figuring out left to do (I hope!).

Anyway - back to the kid police...I HATE confronting other people's kids! Especially when some of them just look at you and then continue doing whatever they were doing before. And then there are the glances from my daughter - half embarrassed, half checking to see if I'm looking....ugh. Miserable.

Finally it was time for the kids to line up (30 minutes later). As one of the other parents put it...."there's 30 minutes I'll never get back." ha!

The concert was nice - I actually enjoyed it. Looking around at all of the 7th grade kids - my daughter included - I just can't believe how much they've grown in the last few years - and how much farther they still have to go.

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Faerie Mom said...

7th grade is a whole other world. Wait until she starts 9th grade! Talk about making you feel old and worried and sad and excited all at the same time.....