Friday, May 02, 2008

Garage Sale Friday...

The weather has NOT been cooperative this Spring, so I have only had the opportunity to go to a few garage sales so far. Today I heard of a neighborhood garage sale (30+ homes) in a nice neighborhood. I loaded up the kids and headed out even though the sky looked very promising for rain. I only stopped at a couple of sales and unfortunately didn't find ANY clothes for the kids. This is always my goal - good clothes for NEXT season. Zippo, zilch today. I did however spend approximately $10 on stuff we absolutely did not need.

In this picture - from left to right:

1. A cool wire meshy basket thingy. I think I"m going to decorate it with ribbon or a tag or something and maybe it will hold the day's mail? Other ideas being accepted. 50 cents. (i wish they had more of these - i love it)

2. A Fisher Price Makeup compact thingy. You open it up to find a mirror attached to the lid. It has an applicator for eye shadows that aren't real, a comb (already missing - probably in the van) and a perfume bottle. It was a buck - and Lauren loves it.
3. A Fisher Price tackle box. Finally a place to house Lauren's play tools! Maybe even her doctor "kick" - one dollar.
4. Hey! It's Franklin! He talks. - $2
And finally - something I absolutely could NOT resist....a vintage Little People airport garage! I LOVED this toy when I was little! This came with several cars, a few wooden Little People - painted (probably lead paint)...the gas pump, the tow truck, the lift for the cars so you can fix them. LOVE IT! It needs a lot of cleaning - a lot...but for five bucks? worth it to me anyway. I looked up how much they were going for on ebay....not much. =-( Oh well - guess I'll just HAVE to play with it.


Jessica said...

When I first saw the mesh thingy, I thought it was for napkins (like for a summer patio party). I've been looking for something like that to keep in the pantry at toddler height so my daughter can reach the napkins and help pass out napkins before dinner. Not sure if that's what it really is, though!

The Mom of 'em said...

I think it is too tall for is pretty tall - i'd say 10 inches? and narrow. Maybe if you used the tall/narrow napkins. I have no idea what its intended purpose is...but i like it. =-)

Faerie Mom said...

I like the basket. It sounds ideal for mail.... or maybe as a very unique gift bag for xmas. You could fill it with tissue and homemade goodies for a teacher or neighbor....

I love garage sales.