Monday, May 26, 2008

The Official start of summer brought much tragedy to a portion of my state. Tornados are just part of springtime in the Midwest, but rarely have I seen it take out a town like this. Mostly you think that sort of thing is reserved for Kansas and Oklahoma....but not Iowa. A sad, sad story. Our thoughts are with that town today.
On a happier note - pools opened this weekend around here. Although the humidity inspires a dip in the pool, the temps aren't quite up there enough to equal warm enough waters for the little kids....but that didn't stop us from letting them tromparound the house in their swimsuits. Lauren has been swimming and pretend diving on the carpet and Grant just looks too darn cute - a little man in his big boy swim trunks. Too cute!
As for me - still haven't ordered a swimsuit....have to do that soon. Here's the winner of the pick my swimsuit event (if it is still available, that is). Thank you to everyone who posted their opinion!!:

MUCH cuter are the kid's suits (Lauren's came from Target and Grant's suit is by Old Navy....from a garage sale....50 cents....hat from Children's Place - clearanced for $3.99). And here they faux-bathing beauties:

Mark & I are going to try to catch THIS MOVIE today - what's a holiday without a little entertainment, right? Then it is back to work....getting things ready to list the house again....SO MUCH WORK! (sigh).


Faerie Mom said...

Cute suits! My boys have been in the pool every day almost for a month. But, we are hot hot hot here.... Let us know how the movie is! We are planning to go see it next week...

Jessica said...

I didn't know you were from Iowa too! (or maybe I just forgot!)

That movie is SO good!

Adorableness for all suits! And be proud of your body--in Europe EVERYONE (and I MEAN everyone) takes it all off on the beach. (some beaches)