Monday, August 11, 2008

August = CHAOS!

August is always a hard month. You have to deal with the fact that summer is drawing to a close. The evidence is in the back-to-school preparations, the two August birthdays I have to plan and the flower beds looking a little less than prime. This year we add to that a bathroom tiling project (thank you, Mark!!), other home improvement projects, calling a realtor (yep! I DID IT! We'll be meeting with her later this week hopefully), a million trips to storage and Goodwill and a 10-month old with horrible teething issues. Shwew - August = CHAOS!

Today I'll be working on the carpeting, dining room chair seat covers, thinning out closets, cleaning bathrooms (can't wait) and general room pick-up plus laundry.

Wish us luck!

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