Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oooh! Oooh! How could I forget? Remember just a few posts ago when I mentioned that Grant had four teeth now? Well, after reading THIS I remembered to tell you! I looked in Grant's mouth yesterday and SIX TEETH! No wonder that kid has been miserable! Teeth are shooting through like popcorn popping!


Tiffany said...

Sorry I've been MIA lately, busy busy busy.

I haaate teething. Savannah wasn't bad, she would be a little fussy, and would eat less, but other than that, no problems. Maddie on the other hand, uuuugh. She wakes up constantly throughout the night, a million runny diapers causing an awesome diaper rash, and the fussiness never ends.

I so hope you sell your house quickly, and can leave all that stress behind. I can't imagine someone not wanting it, you guys have done some amazing things!

Faerie Mom said...

BTW.... sorry I was MIA for a while! Things have been pretty crazy over at the Castle! LOL Sounds like y'all have been pretty busy too. Good luck with the realtor!