Thursday, August 07, 2008

Viva La FEMA!!! Wow. We applied for FEMA assistance on Tuesday. The inspector arrived this morning and by afternoon we were APPROVED for approximately the amount we spent to fix the basement after the "Floods of '08." Now, we lost carpet - but didn't replace it. We lost furniture that we didn't replace too. So we didn't actually break EVEN...but we will be able to cover the expenses we incurred re-drywalling, painting, trimming, etc. Can you believe the process was that speedy? I'm still in shock. My expectations were low re: FEMA....but they came through - so only fair to share the positive experience with all of you.

I am praying that those really devastated by the floods are able to get back to normal with FEMA assistance as well.

And you know...this would all be a non-issue if insurance policies covered you when you needed them...don't ya think?

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