Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Monday I took the girls to the dentist. This was Lauren's first cleaning, so we talked about it quite a bit before-hand so she'd know what to expect. Their appointment was at 3 p.m., so I had to wake her up a little early from her nap to get there on time. I brushed her teeth, combed her hair and then set off to pack the diaper bag for Grant. Finally we were ready to roll. When I turned around to gather the kids, there was Lauren with a mouth full of DORITOS!! I didn't have time to brush her teeth - AGAIN, so off we went - two-year-old w/Dorito breath. (sigh).

I explained to Lauren on the way that if she was a really big girl and listened to the dentist that when she was done he'd let her pick a "prize" from their basket of prizes! This excited her!!

She & Bailey went back at the same time. When they were finished, out comes Lauren with the prize she picked out. The prize in a basket FULL of cheap trinkets to choose from.....THIS was her choice:

How totally Lauren is that?! Bailey told me later that these glasses were not her first choice....that first she asked for her candy prize. (eye roll) No cavities for either girl - shwew.

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