Thursday, August 07, 2008

The FEMA inspector was here this morning. We should know in 3-5 days if/what we are getting from the government for the damages/repairs in the basement thanks to the "Floods of '08." I know so many had DEVASTATION compared to our inconvenient, yet costly damages....but we ARE tax payers and we DO pay for a homeowner's insurance policy that basically told us thanks for your donation all of these years, but now that you actually need our dice.

The process was painless and fast. We were told that the government classifies rooms as essential and non-essential. Since our living space downstairs is not our ONLY living space in the house, that's gonna be non-essential. Bailey's bedroom = essential. That doesn't mean you don't get anything for non-essential rooms...but....

Who knows how this will work out - but we are dealing with the my expectation is low. We'll see!

Taking the kids to Grandma & Grandpa's this afternoon for their nap so Mark & I can work on that darn bathroom. I want that project DONE!

Sorry no time today. Thanks for readin' anyway!

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