Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grant - Eleven Months Old!!
There isn't much of this sitting still w/the giraffe business going on these days. This boy is ON.THE.MOVE! His knees are calloused from the miles he's traveled at warp speed. He's crawling, pulling up to a stand, moving along furniture, bouncing, jumping almost (crazy, I know!), dancing back-and-forth and just plain BUSY! As proof, here's what the rest of the 11-month home photo shoot looked like:

He babbles a lot these days - although nothing really identifying. I guess Ma-Ma and Da-Da sometimes - but mostly just baby babble. He has finally taken to the "So Big!" game I've been pushing for....and it is super cute! (video coming soon) He also has gotten a bit mischievous in his old-age. He points his finger - shakes it up and down (a la "no-no") and then smiles and then BOOKS IT to a naughty. Maybe it is the stairs, maybe the lamp or the outlet....but he KNOWS what he's doing. I guess I should be glad he's giving me the courtesy of a warning first. ha.
He has more hair now - but it is still so blonde you don't notice it unless you are up close. He almost always eats table food now - because the teeth count is at SIX! (i think...sheesh - they are popping in so fast it is hard to keep track!)
He is still a crappy least compared to my snooze-hound Lauren. He is staying asleep through the night (at least we aren't getting up with him...he DOES wake...but goes back to sleep in 5-10 min.).
He isn't showing any interest in walking. He'd rather get down and ZOOOOOM!
He's an amazing baby. Happy almost ALWAYS. Two moods really - happy and naughty. I can deal with that. I love my little man - can hardly believe he's going to be ONE in just a month from today. Soon the bottles will be history. Soon the formula will be gone. Soon no more exersaucer. Soon he'll be facing forward in his car seat. Oy.....too much to think about. I think I'll just enjoy my 11-month-old BABY boy in the now.
Til next time...
The Mom of 'Em


Tiffany said...

I can't believe he's almost a year old :( MAN it goes by fast. And when it's your last it goes so much faster. I want Maddie to stay this little forever.

Faerie Mom said...

What a big boy! So cute. Enjoy him while you can! They grow up so darn fast!

PJ said...

Sweet! On the move. Seems like he's a ham for the camera!