Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bailey! (Well...yesterday anyway). Bailey turned 13...a TEENAGER! Surely I am NOT old enough to have a teenager! (sigh). The day started with special b-day pancakes (special part = I made them). We let her open a couple gifts. This from Grant and this from Lauren. Then off to school she went.

Mark took the afternoon off, so we busied ourselved buying a new fridge (compressor on our 5 1/2 yr old fridge went ka-put), viewing our MAYBE...big MAYBE new home (more on this later...) and then picking Bailey up from school.

We took her here for a pretend Mark errand. While there she and her guitar-lovin' Dad picked guitars off the wall and played...fantasized about expensive Taylor guitars, etc. Little did Bailey know that SURPRISE! This beautiful (yet reasonable) guitar.....YOURS! Happy 13th Birthday, BAiley!!! I wanted her 13th b-day to be marked by something special. I considered a necklace....a concert....but THIS....this was perfect. (much prettier in person, too). She loves playing guitar and I know she'll play her whole why not get her first guitar (first one that is truly HERS) for her 13th?
Then we headed home to celebrate with Grandma & Grandpa. We ordered THIS pizza (yummmm) and had b-day cake! A great time.
Although 13 and the months leading up to it have been challenging....NEW challenges not seen before in the pre-teen is still an amazing time. I can survive the eyerolls because I am also seeing the amazing young adult she is turning into. Her talents and gifts are more pronounced...her compassion in friendships....her academic skills blossoming...her beauty both in and out breathtaking.....her overall evolution as a person more evident. All of this is so exciting to see...even if that means the occasional parenting struggles.

When I held her in my arms the first time...August 21, 1995 at 8:45 p.m.....I didn't think it was possible to love her more. I was wrong. Each day...each year...she fills me with more and more love. I'm so proud of her - and so proud to have the amazing gift and responsibility of being her Mom.


kmb said...

I'm all teary.

Andrea said...

ME, too!

the hortons said...

That was so sweet. I have tears in my eyes. Happy Birthday!