Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas with a two-year-old is fun! She is really getting into the spirit this year and every night at bedtime she proclaims "It's Christmas Eve!" with a joy and excitement only a child can posess. With messages of presents and Santa bombarding her on TV and at every corner, we struggle with the best way to teach her about the REAL meaning of Christmas. We aren't anti-Santa, but we want her to know that Jesus is the real deal behind Christmas. So - how do you go about teaching that at a level she will understand?

We began by repeatedly telling her that Christmas is baby Jesus' birthday, that He was born to be her friend and that's why we have presents - because it is His birthday. (you have a better idea to get the ball rolling?) Anyway, tonight at bedtime we read her a Christmas story - The Little Drummer Boy. At the end of the story we recapped by telling her that the little boy didn't have money or expensive presents to give baby Jesus, so he played his drum for Him and that made Jesus happy. We asked Lauren what present SHE would give baby Jesus. She first said "I don't know." Then she leaned way down to the picture of a baby in a manger on the page and started to sing her ABC's. It was PRECIOUS! Mark & I fought back tears as she finished her song.

I think she understood - at least on some level. She sang for baby Jesus....and I'm sure that makes Him happy.

I would love to hear how you introduced your toddlers to the true meaning of Christmas. How you broke through the Santa and I want clutter to teach your kids about Jesus. Please leave a comment - tell me your stories!


EA said...

Wish I had a toddler so I could use your ideas! I sure don't have any better. :o)
What a beautiful moment!

The Mom of 'em said...

Merry Christmas, ea. Good luck on your dissertation! Brings back nightmare memories for my husband. =-)

Childlife said...

What a precious moment - that has to be one of the best Christmas presents ever! : )

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jodi...What a beautiful story... I will add that to my collection to fall back on when I just cannot get excited about singing one more song at Christmas (or any other time). That can be a occupational hazard for us longterm serial choral singers.

Love your blog; Mark and I were just looking at your Christmas pictures and wishing Pioneer didn't block video. All the best to you and the munchkins.