Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm finally at peace with how quickly Christmas is coming. This, thanks to my Mom spending a good chunk of her day here yesterday wrapping gifts for me. It would have been one serious gift bag Christmas without her help this year. With gift-wrapping, Santa visits, music concerts, church programs and tree decorating out of the way, all that is left to do is a) teacher gifts; b) groceries; c) laundry (duh); and d) RELAX AND ENJOY THE HOLIDAY WITH FAMILY!!!!! I can feel it coming on...that relaxed feeling...that warm fuzzy feeling you only get at Christmas. I didn't think it was coming this year - but shwew - I'm finally feeling it.

Last night Grant slept like a big boy (yeah!) and I was able to make a couple cookie sheets worth of these. I'm going to include these along with the cocoa for two idea I posted here for Lauren's play group teachers and a few of Bailey's teachers. Do you think that will look like enough? Who doesn't like food at Christmas, right? And I know they get gallons of lotions from people - so I thought this. Thought that counts, right?

Ok, off to get groceries and return the frosting bags to Michael's. I bought the 12-inch size and they are HUGE! They must be measuring width when they say 12 inches. Anyway - once I get the new bags I can make the cocoa for two. Here's hoping the kids cooperate!

Hope your day of Christmas prep is relaxing and enjoyable. I heard a quote on Clash of the Choirs the other night and I'm repeating it every day this season....and all year, really. "TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!"

Have a good day!

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