Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Caucus Decision:
After MUCH thought, I've decided to caucus for Bill Richardson. I favor his stance on diplomacy, his experience as Governor, his responsible approach to healthcare and national spending. I especially support his positions on innovation and technology and his ideas to reclaim this country's ability to compete globally through math, science and innovation initiatives. As a side note to the issues - I find him extremely likable.

>As far as Iraq goes, I don't think any of the candidates have the magic answer to the disaster known as Iraq. They all have ideas - but it is unclear which plan will actually work. I support Richardson's plan to move some forces to bases in more welcoming parts of the region and amp up diplomacy in the region. His foreign relations experience as US ambassador to the UN and his appointment to Clinton's Cabinet as energy dept. secretary has him poised for the job.

>I feel if the media had not singled out the top three candidates MONTHS and MONTHS ago, Richardson would have more of a backing at this stage of the game. He has my vote for the best candidate - well-rounded in his experience and previous roles to make a successful leader for this country.

If it is apparent Richardson does not have enough support at my caucus site, my plan B will be between Hillary Clinton and Obama.


>I still have not made a final decision on which will be my second choice. Initially I was going to abandon Richardson because I didn't feel he was electable, however after feedback I received and careful consideration, I have decided that change begins with ME. A candidate will not be electable if I abandon them before the Caucuses.

So, I'll give it my caucus-all for Bill and then jump ship only if it is clear he does not have the support to sustain him at my caucus site. Now, back to researching Hillary and Obama....where they stand on the issues and how they might fair against the Republican nomination next November.

** The views expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect the opinions of my other family members, friends or acquaintances, although I do hope to influence them. =-)

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