Sunday, December 02, 2007

We discovered tonight - quite by accident - that Lauren can identify her letters - almost ALL 26 of them for that matter...and not in order - just randomly! This goes beyond parental pride to absolute FEAR! She is 27 months old for crying out loud. This outrageous smart (this is ridiculous smart, isn't it? or am I just in the dark on developmental milestones these days?) is scary! Anyway - she was trying to hang her "drawing" on the fridge and she kept telling Mark "I can't reach it!" "I can't reach it!" Mark asked her what it was she couldn't reach and she replied, "The 'P'" - ?!@# Sure enough - she was pointing to the letter P. We thought this was a we started asking her other letters...and she knew them all...except L...which was on the fridge sideways, so she answered "c". We then lined up some letters randomly and she took her little pencil and started pointing to each one and naming it. CRAZY! Here's a short video clip to prove it. I think I'm calling Ellen or Oprah or something. Maybe I could get a new washer/dryer or a new car or something - ha...just kidding.

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