Friday, December 28, 2007


Grant was 3 months old yesterday. I don't wish the time away - but I'm SO glad we finally hit that milestone. Something happens at 3 months - a switch is flipped or something that says - ok - time to quit crying & waking a lot - you're 3 months old now - buck up and coo, smile and SLEEP. Yeah! He listened to his inner voice and he IS cooing more, smiling LOTS and sleeping a lot more. (cue choirs of angels).

He's wearing size 6 months clothing - at least in 1-piece outfits. He's one tall drink o'baby! He is seeing better - noticing what's going on around him and especially noticing when someone other than Mommy or Daddy is holding him. (he doesn't like it too much). That's ok though, can be a Momma's boy for awhile.

Under his belt he has his 1st Halloween, his 1st Christmas, his 1st immunizations, his 1st sleep through the night (Christmas Eve - how perfect!), and his first smiles & giggles and coos. Still to come? LOTS and lots.

He still hasn't found his thumb but continues to seek it desperately. He does NOT like the pacifier. This makes for some frustrating times for both Grant & us. Soon he'll find it and life will be GRAND.

I love you, Baby Grant!



kmb said...

I remember worrying (what? Niedermeier?) that the winter sleeper he is wearing in this picture was not going to fit him until spring! Well, that's what you get for worrying about something- right? And I didn't notice the dinosaur footprint on the bottom of the foot. CUTE BABY.

The Mom of 'em said...

I'm glad you noticed that he was wearing the sleeper you bought him! It is a little bit too long - but not much! He's a TALL BOY! I thought it would take awhile for him to fit into it too! yikes! said...

how adorable!!!