Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are you KIDDING ME?!$%^&

Live Conditions 7:54 AM
Des Moines International Airport
Wind Chill: -23°F


dalettre said...

Brrrr! That's why I've never left Georgia! said...

We went out to dinner/movie last night and vowed that we are not going out again if it is 10 or below wind chill. I am going to pick my son up at the bus stop today so he doesn't have to walk 2 blocks home - (since the West Des Moines School District Bus Head Hancho thinks it is NORMAL to drive PAST the corner closest to our home and drop off/pick up my son 2 blocks away) - our dogs paws frooze after being out side for 4 minutes. she actually couldn't walk!!!

Janet G. said...

Paging Al Gore... paging Al Gore... could you please swing through Iowa and serve up some of that global warming? :) Stay warm, all!