Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weekend Trip - Part II (The Final Chapter) - The Schlafer's

I'm about blogged out on our weekend trip, but as promised, and not to short-change the Schlafer side of the goes.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning was spent with my OTHER Grandparents. My aunt Pam & Uncle "Scoop" drove up from Joliet, my Dad and his son, Tom drove in from Morrison and my Grandma & Grandpa were there to visit us. We had a make-shift Christmas celebration, although they'll be doing that again next weekend without us when my brother and his family visit, as well as my sister and her boyfriend visit. Since we can't come next weekend, they are opening gifts twice.

It was so nice to see everyone. We met at my Grandma's condo. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago, been through hell and back with surgery and chemo and today - still kickin' and spittin' fire, that one! She still HAS cancer, but it is very slow-growing and not showing up on scans...but they know it is there. I appreciate every day I get with her and am SO grateful she is feeling well today and causing trouble like normal.

My Grandpa is in his 80's and doing great. He had a rough month last month when he had a mild fender-bender and then on the way home the car wasn't working right and it caused him to FLIP HIS CAR - UPSIDE DOWN! He came away unscathed...but the car was only a few weeks old...and now totaled. A week later a tree fell and ripped out his electrical system in his house...and then an ice storm caused him to slip and fall - what a horrible month! But now he has an even newer car and is going to physical therapy for his back and was still able to join us for our "Christmas". I just love watching him laugh at the antics of the kids. He's such a lovable guy - can't think of anyone that doesn't instantly love him.

And Pam & Scoop...generous, loving, funny, successful, giving, thoughtful and amazing!
My Dad & his son, Tom (yeah, that'd be my brother...and he's four) nice to see the Schlafer boys spending time together. My Dad has been the inspiration for MANY of my prayers for MANY years. But I have faith that God is listening....and He'll answer His own time and in His own way. (sigh). It was nice to see my Dad though - and he gave us VERY thoughtful and kind gifts. I love my Dad...I just want him to figure out what is really important in life...and I don't think he's there yet. (and he obviously doesn't have a computer or Internet access - so I can say these things without hurting his feelings).

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