Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Travel Tales...

We traveled again last weekend. This time we headed to southern Illinois to visit Mark's family. We had a wonderful time visiting Grandma & Grandpa Whitsitt, Uncle Scott & Aunt Mary, Aunt Charlene & Uncle Lynn, cousins Troy & Kelly and their kids - just a really good time. The kids traveled well on the way there and slept well at the hotel. (SHWEW!) They basked in the ample amount of spoiling that went on and all-in-all were great kids.

We ate out as a LARGE group at a buffet in Decatur. It was a very nice gesture on Mark's Dad's part - to take us all to lunch - and we appreciate that! But - as a blogger - it just wouldn't be right if I didn't share with you some of the sights and sounds of the southern Illinois buffet scene. Here are a few highlights:

* The table next to us was filled with a retirement-age couple toting several grandkids - all sporting the buffet's complimentary thin plastic bib. The Grandpa was decked out in all camo. Overheard from the Grandma? "Y'all remember to push your sleeves up now."

* Seen at another area of the dining area - a man with an entire dinner plate filled with baked beans and hot dogs. (What was Clark Griswold's brother-in-law's name?)

* An unnamed pre-teen who wouldn't have a glass of milk because she looked at the handle/dispenser and said "they really should wash that."

* Seen at the same serving buffet table - Chinese orange chicken next to macaroni & cheese. hmmmm.

Ok - so it was a good meal (I went with the orange chicken and a couple chicken wings), and again - we were so thankful to get together as a family and it was so nice of Mark's Dad to pick up the tab!

Later that day we saw this puppy - and now we want one. Insane? Impulsive? Yes - but we want one. As my aunt Pam said...."Are you nuts?!" "You don't have enough to nurture in that house? Not enough chaos?" Yeah - but we want one.

Then we headed over to Troy & Kelly's house to visit with their family and Mark's aunt & uncle. They spoiled the kids with Christmas gifts - and since Aunt Charlene already gave her Christmas gifts at Christmas - she had Valentine's gifts at the ready. I'm thinking her love language is gift-giving - anyone? =-) We love hanging out with this brood - they have two young boys so Lauren was in heaven ripping around there in her sleep-deprived/over-stimulated state. Grant enjoyed all of the snuggling and Bailey enjoyed her new American Eagle clothes and the pizza and just hanging out with people that love her. Troy & Kelly have an amazing open floor plan - just perfect for get-togethers like this.

The ride home was beautiful! 50+ degrees, sunshine, a BEAUTIFUL sunset and well-behaved kids, until the last 30 minutes of the trip (cue scratching record sound). Enjoy the video below.

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