Friday, January 04, 2008

The Morning After....No Regrets

Well, it is the morning after Caucuses....and the mass media/candidate exodus is almost complete. do I feel about my decision last night? GREAT! I feel wonderful about implementing a plan B and going with Obama. I feel like he brings hope that soon I could feel part of my government and not dictated by it. I feel a Kennedyesque atmosphere when he speaks - which is like a giant political warm fuzzy for me. (to which my husband replied -"ick."). I believe in this country - and it wasn't until recently that this feeling returned to me....this is a good thing....this is what HOPE looks like.

Now....I still wanted Richardson - since I struggled and struggled to make my final decision before the since I hate to "lose" I'm hoping for an Obama/Richardson ticket. =-)



kmb said...

This also makes me want to move to Iowa. I watched the Republican caucus (I always feel as though I am typing CARCASS instead) on some channel and it kept taping as people were leaving.. it was kind of funny to hear about people's grandkids, etc. Anyway.. I'm glad you went and blogged about it. You're cool.

kmb said...

also! Remind your husband that Man vs. Wild is on the discovery channel TONIGHT in HD. Although some things on that show I can definitely do without HD, maybe I'll come back for that (and by maybe, I mean that I'm not but I wish I could)...