Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grades are in....

and we have an Honor Roll girl again!

Grades slipped a little in the 2nd quarter, but the semester averages have her on Honor Roll again. Here they are (semester 1 grades - not quarter 2...if that makes sense:

7th grade band - A- (a miracle, since she seems to be a lesson-skipper and I haven't heard the sounds of flute in the house all year...come to think of it...haven't even SEEN the flute).

7th grade chorus - A

Industrial Technology - C (this was a C+...c'mon, Bailey...it is SHOP...we know it's because you just don't like it....not a very good excuse)

Language Arts - A

Math - B+ (down from an A-)

PE - A

Science - A- (down from an A)

Social Studies - A

World Cultures - B+.....with a note from the teacher that says "Working below capacity" (grade school memories flooding back to me now)

Good work, Bailey!

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