Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lauren's First Haircut

Age 29 months - almost 2 1/2. Lauren finally got her hair cut! She had so much fun choosing which chair to sit in - the plane? the rocket? the motorcycle? the horse? After much back & forth, she settled on the horse. She talked throughout the entire haircut and was rewarded for a job well done with a sucker. They gave me a cute little card with some of her hair, a Polaroid of her after her first cut and a little certificate. What a fun morning!





Heidi @ GGIP said...

We did the first haircut thing not long ago. I had to have my son sit on my lap WHILE watching his daddy get his haircut. But it worked and he now has happy memories of it.

I LOVE PIGTAILS! I however, do not have any little girls!

Very cute.

Faerie Mom said...

That is such a cool barber shop (?) I have never seen a place with special seats for kids like that! Your daughter is very cute... love the pigtails!