Saturday, June 21, 2008

After a good nap, I took Lauren up the street for what I believe to be her first snow cone. She was so excited! She announced to the cashier at "Tropical Sno" that she wanted a Bwuuuu one! Regretably I didn't get a before picture - but here is what was left of the GIGANTIC snow cone after Bailey AND Lauren ate it.

And here are some shots of 'Lil Miss Blue Lips. I'm not sure if she had more fun eating the snow cone or looking at herself in the mirror afterwards. Sticking her tongue in and out, admiring its blueness in the mirror.

It wasn't long afterwards that I noticed that her THUMB was blue too. ha! I better check her ponytail too. (sucking her thumb and twirlin' that pony).

High fructose summer fun!


Jessica said...

Lovin' it. I have a very similar picture as my phone's background. Garners a grin every time.

the hortons said...

So stinkin' cute! I love shaved ice. Pure sugar, pure delight. The kids are adorable, as usual, and the front of the house looks fantastic. What did you decide to do about the light?

Faerie Mom said...

What a great idea.... I may have to take the boys for snow cones later. She is soooo cute!