Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm thinking about extending that paint color from yesterday - up the stairs and into the upstairs hallway. I'm thinking of leaving the stair ceiling white and the closet doors in the hallway upstairs white. thoughts?

So today I"m going to touch up the painting from yesterday. Now that it is dry I see a few spots that need another coat. And then I guess I'll start taping off the stairs.

Also planned for today is a quick...QUICK trip to Target to get Bailey a waterproof watch for her trip. Since cell phones aren't allowed, I thought it would be nice if she knew what time it was....and since they'll be going to Busch Gardens one afternoon, I thought waterproof would be good. We're going to keep it cheap though...lost? ruined? not a problem.

I also need pillows. ALL of the pillows on our bed are crap. I hate pillow shopping. Paying more for a pillow does not equate to a more comfortable, better pillow. But the trouble is - you don't know if you'll like a pillow until you try it out, am I right? can't exactly return a pillow after you've used it. So - I'll probaby just buy 4 or 5 inexpensive ones from Target and figure on replacing them in a few months. Miserable sleeping when your pillows suck though - I've been feeling like I'm at a hotel and need to call Housekeeping for a few more of those flimsy suckers.

Alright - back to laundry and then off to Target.

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Faerie Mom said...

Buy the pillow. Don't take the plastic off. Put it in a pillow case. Sleep with it. If you hate it, take the case off and return it. If you like it, just remove the palstic and you are good to go. I know. i am horrible.