Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Today I busied myself by buying paint and conquering the front entry hall. It was previously a yellow color (never liked it). I like yellow - but the room you walk into after entering our home is called "fig" - basically a brownish color that takes on a greenish hue in certain lights.....yellow next to that just looked off. So I headed out to Sherwin-Williams and purchased two shades lighter for that front hall (very small area). Again I forgot to take before pics - but here are the semi-after shots:

Our contractor/handyman dude filed for the permit with the city yesterday for our front deck/porch/entry thingy. It is supposed to rain all week here - so I'm thinking by next week they'll probably start on that project. We are also having them take down our yucky awning, install four pair of white shutters (currently we have only 2 pair on the upper level and they are an off-white), and power wash and seal the back deck. I'm very excited about the home improvements (and hopefully so will a potential buyer down the road....when we're ready to begin THAT chaos). I'm even more excited that I earned over $500 at our recent garage sale - so that paid for the shutters and then some!

Our neighbor is having a garage sale THIS weekend - and she advertised (I was too cheap to do that)...so I'm going to throw open the garage door again and see what else I can sell! (let the kids think they're next....Dave Ramsey). I'd like to earn enough to pay for a new screen door on the front of the house and who knows - depending on the earnings - maybe a new awning, too!

On another note - here's Lauren's plate from last night's dinner. I realize it was a lame dinner to begin with - a hot dog and watermelon....but just look at the fun she had with that watermelon! "I diggin' for seeds!" she said. What a mess. Only one bite of that darn hot dog....and I don't think she took more than two bites of the watermelon. Toddlers! I tell ya!


Tiffany said...

Man you must have had some good stuff in that garage sale! Wish I could have stopped by.

Don't suppose you want to come paint our house would ya?? Darn Ankeny building too many condos so we can't sell our townhouse and buy something bigger!!

Faerie Mom said...

Great sale! I am having one in a few weeks.

How old is Lauren again? Just turned 3 right? I think she and my middle child must have the same eating habits! LOL. Braeden will be three in August.