Thursday, June 12, 2008

More rain yesterday.....and last night.....more water in the basement. If I never see a wet/dry vac again in my life I'll be happy. Great invention - just absolutely and totally SICK OF USING IT!!!

I'm so tired from working hard since Sunday on clearing out the basement. I'm so depressed that we have been set back so far now on the selling the house goal. I'm so impatient with the kids because of the previous two things, and I'm so frustrated by this never-ending rain!

I'm still thankful that it is clean water and not sewage. There was rumor that the city's sewer system wouldn't be able to handle the additional rain and that back-ups into people's homes were anticipated. Thankfully that didn't happen, although I spent yesterday afternoon clearing off all remaining items that may come in danger if that happened.

I think we might have to re -drywall one room down there - not sure. I know for sure we are already looking at paint and new flooring. The thought of this additional time/work/cost makes me just want to bawl.

We were spared tornadoes last night though. So tragic what happened a couple hours West of here though - especially because it happened to children.

Speaking of children - I need to spend some time with them. I'm ashamed at how much TV Lauren has watched since Sunday. And I have GOT to find time to work-work today!

Hope all of you out there (you know - the one person reading) have been spared from the flood waters and saturated grounds. I wish you working sump pumps, dry basements and high ground.


Tiffany said...

Ugh, I sympathize. We are SO lucky we live where we do. Though you may have some interested buyers when you are able to get your house back on the market...

Maybe we should just put the girls in a room together with a bunch of books and dvd's, let them go wild. I'll admit, most days I don't bother picking them up after she goes to bed. She's just going to drag them all back out first thing in the morning!

Faerie Mom said...

Weather is weird here but nothing liek what y;all are dealing with. We had 100 degrees in the shade yesterday and intermitent rain.... and sinus issues because of all of the pressure changes.

I've been thinking of you and am so sorry the rain is being horrible to you and your house. Take some time for yourself, kay? You need a break!