Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today they are starting the work on the outside of our house and I'm SO EXCITED!!! I needed something positive going on to even out the basement disaster we have. No more water down there, but a big mess to clean up. We have to scrape up ancient plastic tiles, then mop w/bleach water. We've already cut out the wet dry wall and will probably be replacing it with wainscoting (great idea, Stacy!). Then we have to (hopefully) find more of the tiles we put down in the basement recently - they are peel & stick but absolutely look just like ceramic! I think we might do the entire basement (minus the laundry area) in these if it works out cost-wise. Then we need to tear down a wall of paneling so we can dry out the studs and then either re-panel or drywall. Ugh - tired just typing it.

Anyway - the good stuff! They will be starting our front steps/porch/deck thingy this afternoon. YEAH! Perfect timing too - no rain, beautiful day and the concrete that is there now has started to crumble away - so perfect timing for something new and fresh. I'm not sure when they'll get to the new shutters, removing the awning and replacing a piece of siding on the garage....but it'll be soon I"m sure. The back deck has to dry after the power wash and then they'll be sealing it with a color-tinted seal - should look GREAT!

Sorry I skipped the Father's Day post...I'll get to it later...promise. Hopefully Mark felt special - because he really is a fantastic husband and Dad.

Before pics of front steps (yuck):

Back deck pics after the power wash but before the sealant:

Oh - and I have a lily blooming! LOVE IT!

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Joshua Diego said...

wow those flowerers are beautiful love whats going on with the house