Monday, June 02, 2008

Bailey leaves this Friday for her Washington D.C. trip. She's so excited! We are off this morning to look for travel-size sunscreen, travel-size Tylenol, etc. Then we begin the packing process. I'm so excited for her - what an awesome opportunity at her age! I am also worried. To put someone so important to me on a the age of 12 (yes, almost 13)...without her tromp around Washington, go to Busch Gardens (not thinking about freak accidents involving limb amputation...not thinking about it...not gonna do it....).....where cell phones aren't allowed.....I can't help but worry!

Ok - off to Kmart....because it is closer and I hate Wal-Mart.

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Hots said...

Hey there,
I am loving the swimsuit you chose! I think I have a similar figure to you and would love to know where you found that suit! Will you plz email me if you have a second? Thanks so much!!